Innintech has aligned its process to incremental and iterative software development methodology. We have defined core and control processes in alignment with high standards. In this section we have provided a brief introduction for each of the key areas and given links to descriptive pages.

Project Methodology

Innintech uses incremental and iterative prototyping methodology adapted from Rational Unified Process. We expect to do a comprehensive design phase upfront in the first 2 months and will divide the project scope into 3 modules (increments) which will each be done over a month. There will be 2-3 iterations for each module to arrive at the finalized version. The scope is first listed in this proposal as a list of features and some key features are then enumerated as brief use cases (description of step by step user experience). Sitemap has been created to reflect a clear understanding of the requirements and our preliminary design approach. We have also listed out the preliminary list of database tables to express our comfort in handling this requirement.

Delivery Model

Innintech offshore delivery model leverages the India advantage and typically in our work we propose to use 3 common approaches.

  • Project-Based Outsourcing
  • Time and Material Outsourcing
  • Dedicated Development Team

Quality Assurance

Our company is responsible to ensure consistent client satisfaction on all projects done by the company. Work must be delivered as per the commitment made to client in the proposal and payments must be collected from client when specific project milestones are achieved. Client must get value for money and repeat business is the key index of performance for the company. This is the most important function and is the nucleus of the business. The central purpose and reason for success / progress of the business is the ability to consistently do good work for customers. Success of this activity is central to the success and progress of the business.

Offshore Coordination

Offshore Development Center Communication Plan defines the interaction between our offshore software development team members and the client team associated with the project. For smooth interaction with the client, you require.

Standard Assumptions in Project Estimation

The default assumptions we make while doing project estimation are listed below in this section. We always do rigorous due diligence about client expectations and feasibility prior to accepting the project. A few rounds of discussion may be involved with client coordinator to achieve this important goal.

Project Management

Project Management process areas cover the project management activities related to planning, monitoring, and controlling the project.


The practices in this section pertain to technical issue resolution or research, documentation, dissemination, adoption and certification of new technology skills in the company.

Process Management

The practices in this section pertain to periodic reviews to ensure that the work processes in the company are aligned to objectives and organized for success. Both non-compliance as well as improvement initiatives is reviewed with betterment in mind.

Support Areas

Support process areas cover the activities that support project development and maintenance. The Support process areas address processes that are used in the context of performing other processes. In general, the support process areas address processes that are targeted toward the project and may address processes that apply more generally to the organization.

List of Process Metrics

Innintech has devised a set of process metrics to gauge the effectiveness of the project execution process. Our metrics cover the entire span of attributes ranging from defect density, defect leakage, task significance, setup periods, rework iterations, exceptions, non-compliance frequencies, target variance and satisfaction audit ratings. Measurement is the crux of control and provides an opportunity to review trends for spotting improvement areas in the work methods.